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The Art of Writing – Harnessing the Empowering Force of Words

Power of Words The Art of Writing: Harnessing the Empowering Force of Words In the vast landscape of creativity, writing stands as a powerful medium that has the ability to touch hearts, inspire minds, and ignite change. Words have an innate capacity to connect deeply with readers and convey emotions, ideas, and stories. In this …

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Digital Marketing Tools

Choose the best one Digital Marketing tools Images Tools for free images and paid images for your business. Layout Details Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Custom Menus Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fully Responsive Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Design UX//UI Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, …

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Enrolled to Course

Thank you For enrolling in our course! We’re thrilled to have you on board. Get ready to embark on an exciting learning journey. To join the live sessions, you will receive a WhatsApp message with the session link and details. Keep an eye on your WhatsApp for further instructions. We can’t wait to see you …

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Food Packet Donation

Donate to Feed Hungers A trust that feeds the hungry stomachs n provide other aids that’s needed like clothes n basic things. In particular, we are currently in need of donations to continue our important work. That’s where I’m hoping you can help. Would you consider making a donation of Rs37 to the Haadi Foundation …

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Thanks for Donation

Dear Supporter, Thank you so much for your generous Donation Haadi organization has been on the ground since the beginning of this crisis, working hard to support students/children and hungry people but, quite simply, we can only do this vital work with the support of generous individuals like you. Your support will help us to …

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Volunteer For NGO

Volunteer For NGO Volunteering for an NGO allows you to learn and explore new things. Register Now Volunteering with the NGO – Haadi Organization is entirely free and available to everybody. Who would like to contribute to the cause? The Haadi Organization strives to end India’s hunger crisis. Finance, Marketing, Technical, Operations, and Development are …

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Seminar Registration

Attend Seminar/Webinar We’d love to work with you Let’s Make An Impact Thank you for your interest in joining the Haadi Org. We hope your interest gets converted into commitment soon. Note: The information shared will only be used by Haadi to notify you for upcoming events and programs. Note: you will not be able …

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Thank you

This is an Alert We have sent you the email. Please Check your Email Inbox. If you are unable to find the email do check your Spam box. Search for email from “” Thank You Your Impact/Response Received

Refer the needy

Refer the Needy We’d love to Serve Food We enable the youth to earn their meals by providing them free courses and free meals Loading… Fill The Form Please Click on the Button In case the form is not working It is the hope, the vision, and the mission to Stop Hunger. Hunger is a …

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