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Volunteering for an NGO allows you to learn and explore new things.

Volunteering with the NGO – Haadi Organization is entirely free and available to everybody. Who would like to contribute to the cause? The Haadi Organization strives to end India’s hunger crisis. Finance, Marketing, Technical, Operations, and Development are just a few of the divisions that make up an NGO (Haadi Organization). Volunteers have the option of working with the appropriate department based on their interests.

Lets Work For an Impact

Departments & Benefits of Volnteering

An NGO's divisions include finance, marketing, technical, operations, and development, to name a few
(Haadi Organization).

Marketing department

The Marketing Department is in charge of all marketing-related tasks, such as creating content for the website and social media and promoting Haadi through various channels on digital media utilizing digital marketing technologies.


Finance department

The finance department handles all financial activities, such as records of donations received and all Haadi Organization expenses.

Technical Department

The Technical Department is in charge of all technical tasks, such as email configuration and email campaign management.

Development Department

The Development Department is in charge of developing organizations through their strategies and ideas.

Development Department

The Operation Department is in charge of employment, event recording, and other duties.


First Time Volunteering

Achieve a Certificate of Appreciation that you can add to your Resume/CV

Qualify Guddis

Second Time Volunteering

Get qualified for Guddis

Get Guddis

Third Time Volunteering

Won Haadi Guddis(T-shirt, badges, and more).

Qualify Membership

Fourth Time Volunteering

Get qualified for Free Membership


Fifth Time Volunteering

Earn Free Permanent Membership

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