I Can Make You Smile


Our Mission

The mission brings up the smile to the children, Team #ICan Visited the orphanage and distributed the school kits and masks. Aishwarya is the Leader and Founder of this initiative wherein they visit the orphanages and interact with the young children. This is an excellent opportunity for us all to get interested in the #ICan initiative that seeks to enhance the health of children. Group shared their experience with children and how they can support them. Team, She said it was so stunning that they saw smiling in their expressions.

Let's bring the smile to children

We visit orphanages and distribute educational kits to them and the children’s books will support them in their studies. We visit an orphanage and distribute the books to the kids so that they can learn how to read and write. We also give them some encouragement. We visit numerous orphanages and distribute children’s books. For kids who are hungry or have no income, we also provide them with some food. This is a significant step in our society’s growth in terms of education. We also teach them how important it was to read and write as it helped them understand the world around them.

We provide Education Kits

Serve them Love and Care

We spread Knowledge

Makes them smile with fun and joy

Join Mission #Icanmakeyousmile

Let's make them smile

Meet Team

Leaders of I can Make you Smile

Aishwarya Reddy H

Founder of ICanMakeYouSmile

Literally a great opportunity I got to work with HAADI. Money does not matter here, it is only how determined you are towards your work. I should really appreciate that HAADI is working wonderful and has gained support and love from everyone within a short span of time. Looking forward to joining HAADI in all its steps.Thank you HAADI….!!!

Lavanya M

Engaging Leader

Haadi had given me a wonderful opportunity and learning lots of things, also having fun however great thing whichever Haadi is doing

Gokulla Krishna Reddy K M

Motivating Leader

It was really beautiful working with this group. Looking forward to future activities.

Dhanush B

Managing Leader

I m Greatfull to be in this group and I m learned a lot of things in the Haadi and looking for upcoming activities

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