Hello, my name is Inayath Khan, and I work as a stunt actor in the Kannada film industry. I’ve been working as a film artist for the past three years. I’ve worked with a wide range of actors and starred in movies like Nan Rowdy and Kurukshetra. My primary goal is to create films that are both exciting and profitable. 

Working for a good cause for a non-profit that helps the less fortunate has always been a dream of mine. I’d like to send them something that would make a difference in the world. After doing a lot of studying, I came across the Haadi organization. My attention was drawn to the Haadi organization. I can work with the Haadi organization and help the needy. I was blown away by their abilities and talents, which made me feel like I belonged to this organization. I’m grateful to all of the volunteers who assisted me in supporting the community.

Professional Skills 

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