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Haadi is a non-commercial organization working to end India's hunger crisis. We partner with the local community to help them meet their objectives.


Haadi is An NGO fights Against hunger

We are committed to combating hunger through food and education. Our challenge is to tackle the epidemic of hunger in India. We partnered with 672 young people in their neighborhoods to alleviate the hunger problem.

Haadi is An NGO fights Against Hunger.

We are working on this with 100 volunteers from all over Bangalore. For children, young people, and adults, we also have free meals. We are proud to be part of the national hunger struggle.

Support Us

How are you going to support us?

We will give you or any time to help us fight starvation. If you would like to help us tackle malnutrition, we will link us with you and we will be ready to fight hunger, visit https:/haadi.org.in/contact-us.

NGO Fight against Hunger

We go to orphanages, hospitals, and rural areas to find children who are hungry. Yet children are not just starving. In fact, a recent World Bank report reported that almost one-half of all children have been without food in developing countries for at least two years. We know that hunger is more than any other disease the root cause of death in India and that is also the cause that many people are under-nourished. Team Haadi find hungry people who just need food and serve it. The Haadi team works together with young people in India to help them overcome malnutrition. We are proud that we have belonged to Haadi and are working together to fund our mission.

Our Mission

Let’s stop letting people Die Of Hunger

Fight Against Hunger

We are a non-profit organization working to end famine with a healthy food supply through its program, the Haadi Project, for hundreds of children across the world. Our goal is to provide every child in the world with free meals. the Haadi is an NGO fighting against hunger since 2019 and it is now looking for volunteers to take on the role of a volunteer coordinator. we have already started organizing events to raise awareness about hunger.

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