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We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in the digital world. That's why we are proud to present "JavaScript for Beginners and Intermediate," a comprehensive course designed to empower students who may not have had access to expensive coding programs.


Discover the incredible world of web development and ignite your coding passion with “JavaScript for Beginners and Intermediate.” Step into a supportive community where passionate instructors become your mentors, guiding you on this transformative path. Dive into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to unlock your creative potential and bring your visions to life with captivating websites. Engage in thrilling projects, from crafting a personalized portfolio to building interactive games that mesmerize. With the unwavering support of the Haadi family, witness your coding superpowers flourish and gain the confidence to turn your dreams into reality. Enroll now and embrace this extraordinary adventure. Unleash your coding superpowers today!


Explore our comprehensive curriculum to uncover the depth of knowledge you’ll gain in the course.

In the “HTML for Beginners” course, you will dive into the essential concepts of HTML, empowering you to create stunning webpages. Here is an overview of the important concepts covered:

  1. Structure with Tags: Learn how to use HTML tags to define the structure of your webpage. Understand the role of opening and closing tags, and how they encapsulate content.
  2. Text Formatting: Discover how to format text using tags such as headings (<h1> to <h6>), paragraphs (<p>), and emphasis tags like <strong> and <em>.
  3. Hyperlinks: Master the art of creating clickable links with the <a> tag. Explore different link types, including linking to external websites and internal anchor points.
  4. Images: Enhance your webpages by incorporating images using the <img> tag. Learn how to specify image sources, alternate text, and dimensions.
  5. Lists: Organize your content with ordered (<ol>), unordered (<ul>), and definition (<dl>) lists. Understand the purpose and usage of each list type.
  6. Tables: Discover how to create structured data tables using the <table>, <tr>, and <td> tags. Learn to customize table formatting and merge cells when needed.
  7. Forms: Gain knowledge of form elements like input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and submit buttons. Learn how to collect user input and process it on the server.
  8. Semantic Elements: Explore semantic HTML tags like <header>, <nav>, <section>, and <footer> to give your webpage a logical structure and improve accessibility.

By mastering these concepts, you will have a solid foundation in HTML, allowing you to create well-structured, visually appealing, and interactive webpages.

In the “CSS Essentials” course, you will delve into the fundamental concepts of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and unleash your creativity in designing stunning webpages. Here is an overview of the important concepts covered:

  1. Selectors: Understand the various CSS selectors that allow you to target specific HTML elements for styling. Learn about class selectors, ID selectors, element selectors, and more.
  2. Box Model: Gain a deep understanding of the box model, which defines how elements are structured and displayed on a webpage. Explore concepts like margin, padding, border, and content.
  3. Layouts: Discover how to create responsive and flexible webpage layouts using CSS. Learn techniques such as using floats, positioning, and the modern approach of flexbox and grid layouts.
  4. Typography: Explore the world of web typography and learn how to style text with CSS. Dive into concepts like font families, font sizes, font weights, text alignment, and text decorations.
  5. Colors and Backgrounds: Master the art of applying colors and backgrounds to your webpages. Learn about different color representations, transparency, gradients, and how to add background images.
  6. CSS Transitions and Animations: Elevate your web designs by adding smooth transitions and engaging animations. Understand keyframe animations, transform properties, and transition effects.
  7. Responsive Design: Embrace the principles of responsive web design to ensure your webpages look great on different devices and screen sizes. Learn about media queries and responsive units.
  8. CSS Frameworks: Explore popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, and learn how to leverage their pre-built styles and components to expedite your development process.

By mastering these concepts, you will have the tools and knowledge to create visually stunning, responsive, and user-friendly webpages.

In the “JavaScript Essentials” course, you will embark on an exciting journey to master the fundamental concepts of JavaScript and unleash your coding potential. Here is an overview of the important concepts covered:

  1. Syntax and Variables: Dive into the syntax of JavaScript and learn how to declare variables, manipulate data types, and write clean and efficient code.
  2. Conditional Statements and Loops: Discover how to control the flow of your code using if-else statements, switch statements, and various loop constructs like for loops and while loops.
  3. Functions: Understand the power of functions in JavaScript and how they allow you to organize and reuse your code. Learn about function declarations, parameters, return values, and the concept of scope.
  4. Arrays: Explore the versatile array data structure in JavaScript. Learn how to create, manipulate, and iterate over arrays, and discover useful array methods to enhance your coding capabilities.
  5. Objects and JSON: Unleash the power of objects in JavaScript and learn how to create and manipulate complex data structures. Understand JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and how to work with JSON data.
  6. DOM Manipulation: Dive into the Document Object Model (DOM) and learn how to dynamically interact with HTML elements on webpages. Discover how to change content, modify styles, and handle user events.
  7. Error Handling and Debugging: Master the art of handling errors in JavaScript and learn debugging techniques to identify and fix issues in your code. Enhance the robustness and reliability of your applications.
  8. Introduction to APIs: Get an introduction to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and learn how to make HTTP requests to external services, retrieve data, and integrate it into your applications.

By mastering these important JavaScript concepts, you will have a solid foundation to create interactive webpages, build web applications, and explore more advanced topics.


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Experience the guidance of our exceptional trainer, Shahid Afrid, the passionate founder of Haadi Organization. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Shahid is dedicated to empowering students like you with valuable skills and insights. Benefit from his personalized mentoring and unwavering support as you embark on your learning journey. Shahid’s commitment to education and making a positive impact shines through every class, ensuring an inspiring and transformative experience. Join us and learn from a visionary leader who is deeply invested in your success.

Features & Benefits

We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in the digital world. That’s why we are proud to present “JavaScript for Beginners and Intermediate,” a comprehensive course designed to empower students who may not have had access to expensive coding programs.

Engage in interactive live sessions led by our experienced instructors who are passionate about guiding you every step of the way.

Receive personalized mentoring and support, ensuring you have the guidance you need to excel in your learning journey.

We understand the demands of your busy life. Join our weekend sessions from 8 pm to 9 pm, spanning a period of two months.

Access valuable resources, including recorded class sessions and PDF notes, empowering you to review and reinforce your learning at your own pace.

Learn by Doing: Embark on seven exciting projects throughout the course, ranging from building your own portfolio website to creating engaging games like tic-tac-toe. Gain practical skills that have immediate real-world applications.


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"The session was really very informative and timely. Specially the instructor Mr. Shahid was wonderful and he never hesitated to clear our doubts not only during the sessions, but even afterwards he would always be reachable in just a phone call away. I was very happy to see my website on google which can be accessed world wide. I feel I am no where less than a software engineer. I would really like to appreciate the team of HAADI for organizing such a wonderful session without any glitch."

Dr.Swapna HR

Professor at The Oxford College of Business Management


"As the HAADI itself says that 'Work for an impact' the work that Haadi is doing can obviously add an impact on many people's lives the way it's offering courses free of cost they were very easy to learn and I enjoyed all the sessions thank you so much for haadi for the course and proud to be a part of haadi"

Masthan Ahmed

Studying At GSC


"To be honest I had no idea about web designing or html then I came across Haadi, they taught me how to create our own professional website. Now this will help me with my career."

Nandulal R

Studying At SSRV

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