Founder of Haadi
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Founder of Haadi Shahid Afrid

Founder of Haadi is Shahid Afrid. Shahid Afrid understood the hunger of needy and started the group of young people who can search for needy and serve them the food. He believe that at the end of the it is the matter of hunger

He strongly believe that nothing is constant in our life. outer beauty, money nothing remains with us when we die. Except the “Knowledge you Earn” which is always constant and remains with you till the end. The Knowledge the key to success(survive) no matter where and how you are you will be known by your knowledge.


Work for an Impact

The best way to learn is to teach other what  you learnt. Let everyone understand the human values. 


Keep Exploring

For me everyday is the last day of my life, which means there is no tomorrow. What ever you want to achieve, accomplish, learn and explore do it today. when we understand this concept we will not wait for tomorrow instead we will work today. For me every day of life is learning. Every day i grab knowledge, i learn something new.

People say that the task given is easy for me! For me the most difficult task ” is to keep myself in their place and understand their situation(pain) “


I say that whatever we do. It can be job or studies, at the at of the day it is to fill hunger of us and our family. let serve food for needy so that they will remember us at least once in there life. let teach the learners so that they will remember you every time they touch the success. 

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